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The Dream Body Recipe Book: Delicious, Real Food Recipes To Fuel The Body of Your  Dreams

Reduce Inflammation, Increase Energy & Lose Weight Naturally!

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Eat decadent, real foods while reaching your health & body goals...

From: Lauren Sanchez
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
RE: Your Dream Body

I’ve been where you are...

When I was first getting started on my own personal health journey, the toughest thing for me to change, like many people, was my diet.⁣⁠

⁣⁠Making food choices that would help me heal and reach my body goals was a HUGE point of struggle, frustration and overwhelm.

The question that kept coming up for me over and over and OVER again as I fumbled through the process was — WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT?!

So I turned to the culture and like many women, I found myself wrapped up in all of the diet crazes and latest magazine-hyped “eating tips”.

Based on everything that I had heard up to that point, I thought that my diet had to be super restrictive (think ultra-low carb, low-fat, low-calorie, etc. - I’ve tried them all too!) and that I’d be doomed to eating food that I really didn’t enjoy for as long as it took to reach my goals.⁣ ⁠

It sucked!

Not only was I NO CLOSER to my goals, I was creating MORE imbalance that led to things like, worse cravings, crankiness, sugar addiction and increased body fat!

I was so over grasping at straws and instinctively I knew “there’s no way healthy eating is this  complicated and unenjoyable!”

After multiple attempts at following “the rules” and many failures and frustrations, I took matters into my own hands…

Long story short — years later, here I am on the other side of those struggles as a holistic health practitioner with the simple message that eating well does not have to be overwhelming, restrictive, tasteless or out of reach.⁣⁠

In fact approaching nutrition the way that I talk about in the Dream Body Recipe Book, makes healthy eating more appealing, easier, more realistic long-term and definitely more DELICIOUS.

Food works so beautifully and synergistically with our bodies that when you love your body by eating healthy the majority of the time, it has the chance to love you right back by healing, shedding excess weight, rebalancing and being the best version of itself — one where you look and feel amazing and have the energy to fully enjoy the people, things and parts of life that matter most to YOU — this is what I call a dream body.

The Dream Body Recipe Book: Delicious, Real Food Recipes To Fuel The Body of Your  Dreams

I wrote this book as a way for me to come alongside you on your journey to reaching the health and body goals you have for yourself. ♥️

I’m so excited for you to have this resource to use on the path to freedom from dieting and food confusion.

Healthy eating can unlock so much for you and contrary to popular belief, it’s really not that complicated!⁣⁠

Inside The Dream Body Recipe Book You’ll Find...

  • 100+ pages of guidance on healthy eating including, tips about structuring meals, making healthy swaps and adding serious flavor to your meals.
  • Over 50 delicious, unique recipes including main meals and simple sides, that won’t add inches to your belly or hips (in fact, they do the opposite!).
  • A 4-week meal plan complete with grocery lists to make it easy to follow and stick to long-term.
  • ​Knockout recipes with familiar ingredients, and a few “secret” ones, making clean eating more doable that you may have thought previously.
  • Simple shake-ups and swaps so you can include meals you thought you’d have to give up, like pizza, pasta and “crunchy" or "breaded” foods.
  • ​Tips on how you can make the meals more your own but still delicious and nutritious.
  • ​And so much more!


Your mission matters, and Helix Project can teach you how to create the influence to create massive teams, create your own financial freedom and help others to do the same.

Calories are not the enemy and breaking up with flavor, carbs and fat is not the way to your dream body.

One of the best ways to support your energy, hormones, metabolism and waistline is to eat balanced whole food meals.

One of the biggest secrets to actually doing this long-term is enjoyment.

When you actually enjoy what you’re eating, you’re feeling great because of it AND you’re seeing results — it makes all the difference in the world in terms of consistency which is the key to healing and transforming your body.

And that’s exactly what's at the core of this book.

So whether your dream body is one where you have more energy, a flat tummy & toned thighs, less body fat, balanced hormones or what have you, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU.

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In this 20-minute training, you'll discover what supplements you need to support your dream body, things to look out for when selecting supplements and how to use them for your dream body goals.

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Packaged Foods Checklist

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The majority of your food should be label-less whole foods. But realistically, and especially for convenience’s sake, most of us will have packaged foods in our diets at times. When you know what to look out for, you can be free to include these in your diet occasionally without worry. The packaged foods checklist breaks this process down into 5 simple steps. 

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You're Completely
Safeguarded with My 

"Love It or It's Free

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right! I guarantee you’ll love the guidance, recipes and changes you'll see or I’ll give you your money back.

Try it for yourself: follow my 4-week meal & fitness plan and if you honestly don’t see or feel any positive changes in your body after the 4 weeks, contact me with proof you followed the program and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.
And you get to keep everything!
You have nothing to lose except those stubborn pounds.

You Must Act Fast!

Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get Today When You Order the Dream Body Recipe Book

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  • Full Access to the Total Wellness Mastery Workshop (Value $47)

Total Value: $185

Today Just $37

When you start with transforming your plates, everything that you want for your health and body is well within your reach.

I’m so excited to share these recipes and guidance with you. I hope you and your family love them just as much as my family and I have, and just as much as my clients and their families have.

I can’t wait to see how this resource will help you get that much closer to the healthy lifestyle and body you’ve been dreaming of.

With so much love,


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Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order 'Helix Project' Today!

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order 'Helix Project' Today!

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Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order 'Helix Project' Today!

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order 'Helix Project' Today!

  • Live Weekly Coaching with Pyjama Bosses (Value $5,195)
  • ​Q- Momentum (Value $497)
  • ​7 Figure Duplication Secrets (Value $997)
  • ​Million $ Leader (Value $197)
  • BONUS 1: ​2020 Shift (Value $297)
  • ​BONUS 2: Private Community (Value $2,497)

Total Value: $9,982

ONLY $1 For The Remainder Of The Month 

Then $97/month starting 30th April

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